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Wow, really great article in The Observer by Joyce Maynard. I’ve been seeing the James Patterson Facebook ads for his Master Class on Writing. Joyce does an excellent job of explaining what you will get out of the course without completely spilling the beans. I’m not a fan of James Patterson; I read Sundays at Tiffany’s and that was ok. Joyce’s article makes me like the man behind the hype. And makes me want to read HER books.

Here is another great article from Entrepreneur by Peter Gasca on 4 tips on how a journal can help you disconnect and focus. I would argue that “the right pen” is a fountain pen every time, but each to their own. I especially like his assertion that “price is not an effective measure of usefulness.”

And finally here is a beautiful video tribute showing one man’s love and devotion to the Sheaffer PFM. Enjoy.