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Hey! This blog was mentioned in the Sept 14 edition of Moleskine Store WebDaily. Apparently it’s a daily roundup of Moleskine references around the internets. If you scroll almost to the bottom of the page you’ll find me. Thank you Moleskine! 🙂

Liz from Wonder Pens mentioned on their blog this article from The Newsprint in which Josh Ginter chronicles one year of his journaling efforts. And it is quite the effort. I really enjoyed how he integrated his analog efforts with a digital repository so the content is searchable. He is a devotee of Field Notes and the Hobonichi Techo. And of course, fountain pens.

Ballpoints lack the character and the zeal necessary to keep an inspired journal or diary. The flow of true ink — not the garbage found in a disposable pen — into the fibers of the paper brings the writing a little closer to home. Increasing the passion and decreasing the friction, I believe, is the key to lengthy journal habits. For me, fountain pens do the trick.

And finally tonight here is another article from Mr. Porter discussing the favourite fonts of five graphic designers. I like Blender, the font nominated by Chip Kidd, Associate Art Director of Knopf (the best publishing house in the world). Which one do you like?

Until next post, happy writing!

P.S. Journal Writing Wednesday will not be published this week as I will be travelling. It will return on the 30th.