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Check out Neko’s notebook collection on Notebook Stories; only 14 and already up to 120 notebooks! My collection pales in comparison.

I enjoyed this blog post from Adam at The Desk of Adam. He asked Tj Cosgrove (of Wood & Graphite fame) his top 5 stationery items. I would have to agree with Post Its and Sharpies. No fountain pens here though; he’s a pencil guy.

And finally tonight, The Gentleman Stationer asks a good question: Is it worth it to hunt down and hoard limited edition bottles of ink? I don’t own any but J.B. makes a good case for being able to match virtually any colour, limited edition or not, with the extremely wide range of ink colours available on the market today. I used to be crazy for J. Herbin; now I find myself gravitating to my Watermans. Ink preferences change with the passing of time so make sure you love the ink you are buying multiple bottles of, and not just buying the latest and greatest limited editions so they can make your ink shelves look good.

Until next post, happy writing!