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What I’m currently using: the Paperblanks Blue Filigree journal, Winnable Executive Journalthe Believe In Yourself journal and the Seven Seas Writer.

Total pages written since this post (Sept 16): 28

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 1260

Total pages written in 2015: 420

So today I say goodbye to the Cadence pen and say hello to the October pen: my Visconti Rembrandt in red. Yay!! I haven’t used that pen for a long time and I want to try my new Vineyard Burgundy ink in it.


I will choose the pen for November on Oct 28.

Purchases: My packages from Wonder Pens and Franklin-Christoph have arrived so I will be writing posts about those goodies very soon. I have not made any other purchases since Portland.

Some points covered this week (and last) in my journals:

  • I have started my Christmas shopping. Each year I try to finish completely by December 1 so I can avoid December crowds. Some years are better than others for achieving this, so I start early. I wanted to buy a bottle of ink as a gift and of course I have to do that well in advance of the snow. So that at least is done.
  • I’ve started writing letters again. HUGE apologies to those of you I owe a letter to; please forgive me. I blitzed out 5 letters in 2 days and that has made a small dent in my enormous Reply To pile. And the letters were replies to letters from LAST MARCH! Goodness it’s a wonder anyone continues to write to me. I will try to do better this fall, honest. 🙂
  • Birthday time again for me. I am getting less and less enthusiastic about celebrating. Getting older is depressing but when you consider the alternative…
  • Went to the Calgary Home and Design Show. My niece Emily’s company, Zencapes by Emily, had her “official” debut with her handcrafted miniature gardens. She’s on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and probably other places her old aunt (me) hasn’t heard of. Check out her magical creations – you will fall in love!
  • Our trip to Portland, Oregon was magical. We crammed three days’ worth of stuff into 24 hours. The hotel, the Crowne Plaza Portland, was amazing. The shopping, food and people were awesome. And Vintage Trouble were fantastic. We got to meet them and they are the nicest guys around. The drummer hugged me and the guitar player asked us how they sounded! And then proceeded to fist pump David and wish him a happy birthday. They have an unbelievable connection with their fans that they work hard to maintain. An experience we will NEVER forget. Check out the Vintage Trouble website and buy their stuff. You will not be disappointed.