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Oh how I loved this post by La Vie Graphite: re-ground. I guess I felt a kinship because I have recently discovered the joys of retreat, although not to the extent outlined in this post. I especially loved the final photo of fountain pen at rest in the journal. Well worth reading.

This post on Tiger Pens Blog got me thinking. When I was in university no one had a laptop with them, actually most people didn’t even have them in their rooms. (Yes, I’m old.) We had to go to the computer lab to type up notes or print papers etc. So I can imagine how distracting it would be to have 80 people typing during a lecture. And of course I’m a big believer in the connection between handwriting and the brain and actually learning better through writing. But…in my professional capacity I can type much faster than I can write so if I have to take notes or minutes at work I will take my laptop with me. So I can see the appeal of a laptop in a classroom setting. What do you think? Interesting debate.

And finally, jumping off the Tiger Pens Blog, I found 6 Ways To Combine Chaos and Order in One Notebook from kickingassandtakingnotes.com (great name!). JD shows how to manage all of the information traditionally dumped into your notebook, from to do lists to emotional rantings. I like the ideas and use some of them myself. This is why I have more than one notebook on the go at one time. I will definitely be adding this blog to my blogroll.

Until next post, happy writing!