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I can’t believe it but this is my 1,000th post! In May of 2012 I could never have imagined reaching this goal. And the wonder of all this: I’m still having fun and people are still discovering this blog and seeming to enjoy it! Thank you to all who have supported this blog and continue to do so; I very much appreciate having you with me on this journal journey. And the stationery accessories that go with it.

And speaking of accessories, remember when I wrote about Brian Goulet mentioning my question on his Goulet Q&A in this post? My question was which fountain pens have screw-on caps, and I was told the Baoer 79 Starwalker did, and so I ordered one from ebay.


The pen is 14 cm long and is very light. The diameter is 12 mm. The entire pen is metal with inlaid silver coloured grid lines. Very interesting looking isn’t it? And it is almost a direct replica of the Montblanc Starwalker. I think the section is different and the nib but the body looks identical. The price tags are not identical; I paid less than $4 including shipping while the real Montblanc one is $750 plus. Honestly I just liked the idea of the screw-on cap. I had no idea until I started searching for images of the Baoer Starwalker online that I discovered the Montblanc version. I’m sure you get what you pay for with these things but so far I’m happy with how the Baoer Starwalker is behaving.


Here you can see the threads on the barrel around which the cap screws. For someone like me, who likes to post my caps, nothing is as secure as this. And it feels great.


Here’s the cap screwed on. It’s not going anywhere!


Here’s a close-up of the section. It is metal, like the rest of the pen, but is a dark, smoky grey. And you can see the nib but here’s another close-up of the nib with the flash on.


In this photo the section looks silver! But the nib looks great, simple design. And I guess this pen is an homage to the Montblanc Starwalker because it isn’t pretending to be anything but a Baoer pen.


This pen case did not come with the pen but was also picked up on ebay. Look for another post coming up on different pen cases I’ve picked up recently.


Of course the burning question is: how does it write? Beautifully. For the most part. I will explain.

I flushed it a few times with water when it first arrived and then inked it with Waterman Mysterious Blue, a gorgeous blue-black. I’m loving Waterman inks these days. I own 6 out of the 8 available colours and I’m loving them. I could be overselling this but once problem pens are inked with a Waterman ink the problem seems to disappear. No wonder people say Waterman is the safest ink to use in your pens. They are brilliant.

Anyway the pen wrote straight away once inked, with no skips or hard starts. And for the first few days it wrote as soon as it was uncapped. But this morning it wouldn’t start writing without some serious priming. After that it was fine but I am concerned as to why it was so dry this morning. Perhaps the cap is not air tight. But really one has to lower one’s expectations with such an inexpensive pen.


Here’s a closeup of the writing. Love that ink colour.

Overall I can recommend this pen. I would say the pen is meant for a long writing session, because of the time it takes to set up fully: screw to remove the cap and then screw to attach the cap to the barrel. So if you are a poster you won’t be writing quickly and you won’t want to recap every minute or so. Made for a long writing session. But knowing the cap is securely attached to the barrel is a great feeling for all of us posters. Really happy with this purchase. 🙂