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Fountain Pen Day is coming up on Nov 6 and to celebrate Pen Chalet is offering some goodies. Check out all of their fantastic giveaways here. And don’t forget to order something on the actual day; Pen Chalet will have a special coupon available for use on all of their items. The countdown is on!

If you want to spend a few minutes gazing at beautiful pens, check out Bespoke British Pens, a fairly new company who bought out Conway Stewart last year. Expensive but absolutely wonderful to look at and dream about. Of course I was drooling over the (very) limited edition Conway Stewart William Shakespeare pen! Wow. Hand-painted Romeo and Juliet. Amazing. And check out the Jack Row pens – mind-boggling, in appearance and price.

And I’ve mentioned them before but Knight’s Writing Company has graciously included this blog as a Friend of Knight’s Writing Company. I am in esteemed company indeed and very proud to be a friend of this great Canadian pen, paper and ink retailer. I’m touched Graeme, thank you so much!!

Until next post, happy writing!