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My beautiful niece gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and not surprisingly I bought a pen. I’ve been looking for a broad nibbed cartridge-converter pen and the Nemosine Singularity ticked those boxes. I ordered one in the Blue Marble finish.


Nemosine (nee-moss-sen-eee) is a Taiwanese company and these pens have a good reputation in the community, at least as far as I have researched. I read online reviews and I watched a few YouTube videos and really it was the footage of the Blue Marble that sold me on this particular finish. It is also available in Aqua Blue, Aqua Demonstrator, Blueberry, Cardinal, Clear Demonstrator, Granite, Green, Ivory, Magenta Demonstrator, Magenta, Pink, Velvet Black, Walnut, White, Black and Coral, according to the Nemosine website. On Amazon I did find a Black Marble finish as well. The Blue Marble finish is gorgeous and has such dimension for this price point: $38.66 + $7.54 for shipping.


This gives you some idea but I also took the same shot with my flash on. Not sure if I like it better or not but I’m including it here to give you a better idea of the real-life colour of this pen.


It’s a true royal blue with chrome accents. The resin body is lightweight (86 g) and the pen measures 14 x 2.9 x 1.8 cm.

Here is a close-up of the broad nib. I love the detail. It kind of looks like a stylized butterfly to me, with an N at the top and a B (for broad) at the bottom. There are 6 nib sizes available: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 0.6 and 0.8, which is a pleasant surprise for a pen that retails for less than $40. The box says the “precision nib” is made in Germany, while the pen body is made in Taiwan, and the pen is “inspected and packaged in USA.”

I actually find the box really interesting, and most other reviewers commented on it too. It’s just a plain white rectangular box, with Nemosine Fountain Pens on the front. But you’ll notice in the bottom left corner of the box a series of dots and dashes. I read that this is actually Morse code so I searched for a morse code translator and typed in the sequence. It returned a single word: MEMORY. Others have theorized that this is a nod to the alternate spelling: Mnemosyne, in Greek mythology, is the personification of memory and the mother of the nine muses. Pretty cool stuff for a fountain pen!


The other side of the box is pretty darn interesting too. So much info on a pen box! I think this is unique in fountain pen-dom. We see the nib info, the pen body info and where it was inspected and packaged. We also see a confirmation of the nib size ordered, and the initials of the person who installed it! Seriously how cool is that? CS or GS or maybe even SS took the time to write their initials on my box after installing a broad nib. To me that speaks volumes about the company and how much they care about their product. And further to that, check out this 3 year perfection warranty from their website:

We’re positive that you’re going to absolutely love our pens and that they’ll continue to perform with the precision and consistency that you expect with your daily writing instrument. Every one of our pens includes an unconditional 3 year warranty on the ink flow, from converter to nib, even if the issue was caused by user error. If within 3 years you have any flow issues with your Nemosine fountain pen, return it to us along with $5 to cover testing, labor, and return postage… we’ll fix up and return your pen, guaranteeing that you’ll enjoy your pen for years to come!

* A single unit can be returned to us a maximum of 3 times within 3 years (to ensure that new part replacement is not abused.)
** To forego a bunch of fancy legal jargon, we must reserve the right to rescind our warranty offer at any time, at our sole discretion, without notice. We certainly don’t foresee any chance of resorting to this kind of action… but instead of paying a lawyer buckets of money to state the same thing within 3 pages of legal jargon, we figured we’d just protect ourselves by saying it outright.

This knocks my socks off. I can return this pen 3 times in 3 years if the pen stops working, even if I cause the problem! That’s customer service people. I even doubt that paying considerably more for a pen would ensure such an amazing guarantee. And I bet they can offer it because they very rarely have to honour it. Outstanding.

And there is just one more thing to say about the box: it contains 6 cartridges. Yes, 6. Icing on the already terrific cake.


A quick comparison with some of my other pens.


I inked it up with Waterman Mysterious Blue and started writing. I have to say the nib is super smooth – like writing on glass. And each time I uncap it starts up immediately. No priming needed. It posts securely as well, and almost too securely as it squeaks when I try to move the cap. I’m nervous the resin may crack. I just have to be gentle with it.


The broad nib puts down a slightly thicker line than the average medium – not much, but enough to be noticeable. I like my medium, broad and italic nibs for their ink showcasing abilities. My writing gets bigger in proportion to the size of the nib! But that’s ok – fill up the journal faster LOL


In only two spots did the ink hiccup a smidge on the downstroke of my Ts.

Overall I’m really pleased with the pen and would not hesitate to recommend it. They also offer the Fission and the Neutrino, which are more expensive but only by a little and are also metal-bodied. And with the myriad choices for the Singularity you’re sure to find something you like. 🙂