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Love this blog: Journaling Sage. She has these fantastic journal prompts that she puts on stickers and sells in her etsy shop. Great stuff! I love her tutorial on painting the stickers with watercolor.

People ask me how do I stay motivated to write? I find it hard to answer because I need to write every day and it comes easily to me. Just as playing an instrument or solving math equations comes easily to others. But I found this post on michaelhyatt.com really interesting. He uses a journal template for his daily journaling. It keeps him regular and consistent. He answers the template questions digitally but you could easily apply this to a written journal. I love his emphasis on what he has learned and what he is grateful for. Excellent ideas.

And is it just me or has everyone gone nuts for adult coloring books? I have a couple but they seem to be everywhere right now. I like to color a piece and then stick it in my journal. And this article on religionnews.com by Leslie Miller asks whether coloring and doodling can be a spiritual practice, in addition to be a de-stressing exercise. Interesting.

Until next post, happy writing!