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First I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of violence in Paris over the past weekend. May God bring you comfort and strength.

I enjoyed this article on Londontopia.net about one of the great diary keepers: Samuel Pepys. Generations are indebted to him for chronicling some of the great events in 17th century London. Although maybe he should have though twice about detailing his extra-marital affairs! Don’t miss the link to his actual diary pages at the bottom of the article.

And finally tonight I was impressed with the Skilcraft pen offerings on the blind-made.com site. No notebooks exactly, but some notepads and portfolios. The site offers high quality products made by visually impaired people. So when you buy something you support a unique and important industry. And their stuff looks great, and such great prices!

Until next post, happy writing!