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I have never been to a pen show, but after reading Dave Rea’s brilliant post on his experience at the Atlanta Pen Show this year, I feel like I have been. He is such an engaging writer! Great read.

Pam Allyn is a spokesperson for the Bic pen company and founding director of the global literacy organization LitWorld. She was interviewed by Jeremy Hobson about the importance of handwriting. She sees the world as a blend of technology and tradition, of keyboards and pens. She wants kids to be able to use a computer but also to be able to write in a notebook. It’s important for kids to feel authorship, she says, and the brightest cognitive connection comes from forming letters on a page. And I love her story about the baseball and the pen – brilliant!

And from The Pen Haul here’s a truly exhaustive review of the Clairefontaine Pocket Notebook. I laughed when I saw the calculations for cost per usable page between the Clairefontaine and the Field Notes notebook. So useful! I’m going to steal this idea for my future notebook reviews.

Until next post, happy writing!