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These Write Notepads Co notebooks are gorgeous! Mary wrote a glorious review of them over on her blog, From the Pen Cup. I love their vintage packaging. The quality looks top-notch too.

“There’s something so romantically resolute about putting pen to paper.” So says Richard Branson in this post from Virgin.com, sent to me by a friend who knew I would enjoy reading it. And she was right. We can all say we have something in common with Mr. Branson: writing our thoughts and dreams in our notebooks!

I’ve written alot about how my journal is my safe place and it allows me to work through my feelings and formulate a plan of action to get to the other side of sadness. But that’s not always enough. This post, from effybird.com, is heartfelt and honest about those times when journaling is not the answer. We can learn alot from seeing things from a different perspective. Warning: the post has strong language so be aware if you are sensitive to that.

Until next post, happy writing!