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What I’m currently using: the Paperblanks Blue Filigree journal, Winnable Executive Journal, the Seven Seas Writer, and the Franklin Christoph Notebook.

Total pages written since this post (Dec 9): 15

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 1417

Total pages written in 2015: 577

I’ve been using my Delta and I’ve noticed the pen is very particular about the paper it likes. It skips a bit in my Executive Journal but writes like a dream in the Seven Seas Writer. It also prefers to have a full tank at all times.

I will announce the pen for January on December 30.

Purchases: Well I missed last Sunday’s post due to illness. This Sunday I plan to review my Hobonichi again, as I can finally use it! And I have a cover for it now so stay tuned.

Some points covered this week in my journals:

  • I got myself a new phone at the beginning of December and I’m loving it. It’s an LG G4. The camera is apparently much better than my old phone so you may notice some improvements there. I changed carriers and I was very surprised that my old carrier did absolutely nothing to keep me. I contacted them to see about my husband’s bill and whether me leaving would affect it. I was assured me leaving would not affect his account and was there anything else they could help me with. I was looking forward to telling them how happy I was with their service and how that was not the reason I was leaving. Didn’t get the chance. Oh well.
  • A co-worker and I decided to bring some holiday cheer into the office a little early. We brought a sushi platter and some cinnamon buns back with us after lunch. I know that sounds like a weird combination but some folks don’t like sushi so we wanted something for them. We bought the platter from this small independent take-out place, Oishi Sushi, and the fellow made the platter, fresh, right in front of us. He also gave us extra pieces for an already excellent price. The snacks were a hit and we feasted all afternoon!
  • The cats have a new toy: the Cat It Senses Play Circuit. It’s basically a rolling track for a ball that lights up when touched. Gracie was interested in it right away but Halley sat and watched it for a few hours before batting the ball around. And she only plays with it if we aren’t watching. So cute. We plan on adding two more light up balls so that should make things interesting.

Until next post, happy writing!