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Cast your mind back to Oct. 4 of this year when I wrote this post about my 2016 planner, the Hobonichi Techo. This week I could finally move into it! I wanted to show you the cover I bought for it, and also talk about my initial impressions.


I ordered the cover from Wonder Pens, which is where I purchased the planner too. I love blue and green so this cover was perfect. I don’t know for sure what the material is but it feels like nylon. Very soft to the touch and durable feeling. I’m using the double pen loop to put one pen through, so it acts as a closure for the book as well. Currently I am using my 5 barrel Pilot Coleto in blue, with 0.5 mm refills. I always have a fountain pen with me and it takes fountain pen ink beautifully as well.


The inside cover has lots of slots for cards, post-its or page flags. I will probably put a couple of paperclips in here too.


And here is the back cover, with two secretarial pockets. The Techo fits perfectly and it is still slim when closed.


Here is the back cover, with another long pocket. The cover comes with two bookmarks attached, one ending in a square piece of vinyl (not sure on the material but it feels like vinyl) and the other in a triangular piece of vinyl. You can use them however you like but I guess they are to mark your place in the monthly calendar and the daily calendar.

I’m really enjoying the monthly calendar on two pages. I felt I didn’t have enough room in the Moleskine Pocket Planner but there is more than enough in the Techo. And I love the grid; I actually find myself color coding certain things (appointments and birthdays) because it’s just so convenient to colour in the square.


David and I have ongoing chiropractic and massage appointments and I’ve assigned colours to them to save space. This way I can easily see that on the 12th we have appointments from 10 to 12.

And of course, the paper. The Tomoe River paper was the big selling feature of this planner for me, and it does not disappoint. There is a whole year in this thing, of monthly pages and daily pages, and it really does not feel thick at all. It’s very portable and comfortable to use. I find myself writing down all kinds of different action items because I have the space. It’s true what they say: if you have the space your ideas will grow to fill it. For the remainder of December I have half a page per day and the pages are filling up fast (I know there are more Christmas to-dos than in other months, but still) and I cannot wait until January when I will have a whole page per day. I don’t think I will have trouble filling up the pages but we shall see.


This picture shows the months in a shortened form, perfect for important dates throughout the year. It’s like a year at a glance but spans eight pages. There is some show through but nothing major.

I’ve only been using this planner for 5 days but I find myself going back to it often throughout the day, to write down things that pop into my head, especially with the preparations for Christmas. I took it to the grocery store with me today and had it open to today’s to-do list. Very convenient and a joy to use. And that’s why so many people are using these planners. I hope to use this for all of 2016 and I will keep you posted on how it all works out. 🙂