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Many thanks to The Pen Pixie for introducing me to Tiny Ray of Sunshine’s post on Weekly Layouts for your Bullet Journal. They can also be used for a DIY planner, and I was just totally blown away by the variation of the layouts. Some great ideas here. It’s so much fun to draw your own layouts.

Clark Danger posted a very interesting video about his 2015 journal. He shares some insights into what it means to be human and how to be your best self. I love the page he shares from his journal with short quotes, numbers and phrases that mean something to him.

And finally a little bit of Christmas magic. I just love this post by Liz at Wonder Pens, talking about their family Christmas, taking a break, getting some sleep and watching their young son ride around on his pedal-less tricycle. Great photos and really great writing. Liz makes you feel like you are sitting around the tree with them!

Until next post, happy writing!