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I enjoyed this article by David Caolo on unclutterer.com about his struggle to keep a journal. I was so moved by his plight that I actually commented, which I don’t often do. I really hope he finds his voice in his journal because he so desperately wants to. But just like coffee, it’s not for everyone.

Pure gold from an eight-year-old: “When you’re older, if your writing is sloppy for something really important – like if you’re playing Major League Baseball and you’re writing your contract – and you don’t know how to write, people might not understand what you’re writing.” So true! Excellent article in the Globe and Mail by Dave McGinn about the value of cursive writing, and Liz from Wonder Pens is quoted.

And finally tonight this excellent article from theatlantic.com by Josh Giesbrecht on How the Ballpoint Killed Cursive. In his history of the much maligned ballpoint I found an unexpected love song for the fountain pen. And something I had never considered: ballpoints can cause hand strain and pain, while fountain pens can relieve it. The notion that this could be the reason for the movement away from cursive is very interesting to me. And I love the quote: Fountain pens want to connect letters. Ballpoint pens need to be convinced to write.

Until next post, happy writing!