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What I’m currently using: the Paperblanks Blue Filigree journal, Winnable Executive Journal, the Seven Seas Writer, and the Franklin Christoph Notebook.

Total pages written since this post (Dec 30): 21

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 1464

Total pages written in 2016: 21

Last week I announced the pen of the month for January would be my Lamy Al-Star but I have a confession to make: I have not had a chance to ink it up and start using it yet! This week was the first week back to work and cleaning up after Christmas and NaJoWriMo…. the list goes on. But I promise to have it inked up and in use by next week. I will announce the pen for February on January 27.

Purchases: So the Boxing Day Deal arrived, and I have been writing with it non-stop, taking it with me everywhere I go, even sleeping with it under my pillow (that could be an exaggeration but only a little). It is gorgeous and I will probably review it this weekend. It is a pen and it is a Parker but that’s all I will tell you for now. I’ve also purchased a new pen case from ebay and will review it whenever that arrives, sometime this month. I do still intend on writing about journals I received for Christmas, and also my reading for 2015 and plans for 2016.

Check out my post NaJoWriMo and a Giveaway and enter to win my Monteverde Poquito! Giveaway closes on January 30.

Some points covered this week in my journals:

  • I wrote five more pages in my Christmas Journal but now I will put it away until November this year. I’ve really enjoyed writing about Christmas and family traditions and I could probably go on all year. But putting it away keeps it special.
  • I have been keeping up with NaJoWriMo and have so far devoted eight pages to it. I’m loving the prompts and plan on doing the full month. Fingers crossed.
  • Over the Christmas break we had Calgary Lock and Safe and Sunspot Films make our house just a little bit more secure. Actually a lot more secure. And this has given me immense peace of mind. We’ve never been broken into and as far as we know no attempt has been made either but we had some vulnerable points and now we don’t. Great experience and great customer service.
  • I recorded some goals for 2016, as in personal, writing, blog, reading and health goals. Experts say writing goals down vastly increases the likelihood of achieving them. I do that every year and some of them I have actually achieved. 🙂
  • We saw the new Star Wars movie. Wowee what a film. Go see it in the theatre; definitely worth it.

Until next post, happy writing!