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I believe that if you are journaling, the “how” doesn’t matter: handwritten or typed, at least you are getting in touch with your thoughts and emotions. I prefer writing by hand, even though I can type faster than I can write. Dolly Garland, in her post from kaizenjournaling.com, gives some beautiful reasons why hand written journals trump e-journals. I agree with Dolly in that a physical journal just gives you so many more options, with stickers and ink colours and ephemera. Good read.

We’ve all done it: fallen off the wagon of the habit we’re trying to establish. Nish over at inkycauldronblog.wordpress.com talks about the daily journaling slump and how she found creative ways to move past it. Great photos of her Hobonichi drawings too.

I found a book I want to read: David Whyte’s Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words. It’s “dedicated to WORDS and their beautiful hidden and beckoning uncertainty.” It’s a dictionary of sorts, where Whyte delves into the deeper meaning of 52 words, like ambition, courage and heartbreak. In this brainpickings post, Maria Popova examines the beauty of Whyte’s efforts, and draws parallels to the great minds of our time. The excerpts from Whyte’s book read like poetry. Beautiful. I just put it on hold at my library.

Until next post, happy writing!