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Now here’s an article from fastcompany.com that claims journaling is incredibly beneficial to your overall health. But we all know that, don’t we? 🙂 Seriously though, Michael Grothaus gives 8 tips for starting and/or maintaining a journaling practice that will have long lasting benefits. I think my favourite tip is You Needn’t Be Shakespeare; down that road lies pretentiousness.

This is a fun exercise for your journal: 50 Wide-Ranging Lists for Your Journal from the NaJoWriMo site. Some of them sound like a ton of fun, like #6 (list of cities you’ve slept in for at least one night) and #25 (list of the first sentences of your top ten fave books). Others, like #36 (list of personal secrets) might be best kept to yourself, or in a very secure place.

Moleskine Notebooks can get a bad rap for the quality (or lack thereof) of their paper. The Well-Appointed desk took a second and very deep look at the paper in the Cahier, Volant and standard soft-cover Moleskine notebook and presented the findings in this post. Might surprise you; it did me.

Until next post, happy writing!