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I thought this workshop by Trina O’Gorman was interesting. I like that right at the beginning she tells you to find a notebook you love; otherwise you won’t stick to her program, which is designed to introduce you to journaling basics, and find your own way. Right now she’s offering a discount; the program starts on Feb 7.

I can admit I struggle to keep a travel journal. I think I want to write too much, or to create these wonderful and perfect travel essays that should just come out of my brain ready to publish. So I give up halfway through a vacation and then rarely go back and finish them. I have more luck if I just jot down a few things during the day and write at night, relaxing and reflecting before bed. This article, by Janice at solotravelerblog.com, gives 9 tips for creating a memorable and meaningful record of your journey. I think #3 is good for me to remember, and #9 is one I will include from now on. My thanks go out to Rita, the most fearless solo traveler I know, for sending this to me.

And finally, I loved this article by Joe Fassler from theatlantic.com: How to Write: A Year in Advice from Franzen, King, Hosseini and More. To be perfectly honest I spent more time jumping off to the other articles he refers to, than actually reading the article through to the end. It doesn’t matter because it’s all worth reading. I especially love Hosseini’s tribute to King, two of my favorite authors. Enjoy!