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Today is the start of InCoWriMo 2016! As ever I will be participating, starting by tackling my substantial Reply To pile from 2015. Apologies to any pen pals who have been waiting on me; I promise to get to the bottom of the pile this month. Or at least try. Goulet Pens has a wonderful post on this letter writing extravaganza, complete with a link to a list of awesome people to write to. If you want to write to me use the Contact Me button and I will give you my address, and I promise to write back. Eventually!

I listened to a great podcast on write4life.us this week; Nathan interviewed Susan Borkin for an episode of Journal Talk, about her life, influences and new book, The Healing Power of Writing: A Therapist’s Guide to Using Journaling With Clients. What an inspiration! And if you listen to the end there is a bonus for Journal Talk listeners. Well worth listening to! As Susan says, you can’t teach it if you haven’t done the work.

And finally inky cauldron takes us on a tour of her adorable pencil case. Enjoy!