I don’t think I’ve done this before: a flip through of a finished journal. This is my Winnable Executive Journal in brown. I finished it a couple of weeks ago. I see videos of flip throughs on YouTube and they seem popular so I thought I would give it a go. My journals are fairly consistent; I rarely doodle or add ephemera so the pages are filled with my writing. So if this post is boring let me know and I won’t make you suffer through another. 🙂 At the same time this is a private part of me that I am sharing. I thought long and hard before opening the vault. I hope it’s useful at the very least.

exec page 14 - Edited

This is a typical page. Here I am discussing Halley (our cat) and one of her vet visits.

exec page 13 - Edited

I think this page shows my thought process on how I was going to do an ink review. I like to use different fountain pens throughout my journals.

exec page 12

I frequently add quotes to my journal pages.

exec page 11 - Edited

I often write out articles I enjoy and want to keep. This one was on getting through panic attacks.

exec page 10 - Edited

A postcard I bought in New York.

exec page 9 - Edited

I remember we were discussing the blood moon last year, so I looked it up and wrote down the details for our region. We couldn’t see much in the end, due to overcast weather.

exec page 8 - Edited

Another article I enjoyed, this time on building up confidence and self-esteem.

exec page 7 - Edited

I printed out this breathtaking article on bookstores of the world. Just look at that staircase!

exec page 6 - Edited

Another great quote, this time with a great graphic.

exec page 1 - Edited

Another great picture I wanted to keep.

exec page 4 - Edited

Notes from the NaNoWriMo workshop at the library.

exec page 2

And sometimes I get other people to write in my journal. 🙂

So that’s it. It was difficult to find a page or even a portion of a page that didn’t have private details on it. But I wanted to share, and it was good for me to open my journal up and let it breathe in the world. I hope you enjoyed the walk through my words.