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I love Stationery Box subscriptions. I watched Pocket Full of Vintage’s video on The Write Sort stationery box and I just had to check out her web site. Suzie Chatterji is based in Australia and offers a quarterly offering of a stationery box, and there is no subscription; you just buy a box when you want it. The quality of the items and the originality of thought is amazing. I like this idea because there is no ongoing commitment. Maybe I will treat myself and buy one!

Ian Hedley over on Pens! Paper! Pencils! wrote an interesting post called Journaling With Purpose, in which he describes two of his journaling habits, one old and one new: recording 4 good things about his day no matter what, and answering 3 questions each and every day. How was I creative today? How did I make the world a better place? How did I show those I love that they are loved? Excellent ways to round out your journaling habit.

And finally, from the Pen Heaven blog, reasons why the handwritten note trumps the digital missive every time, and especially for Valentine’s Day.

Until next post, happy writing!