I recently became a subscriber over at Jamie Ridler Studios, mainly through finding her on YouTube, and because she was talking about a Do Good initiative she was launching called Give a Girl a Journal. And that initiative launched today. Jamie, a creative living coach, has asked journalers to share how they came to journal and why this practice is so important to them. Here is my story.

My earliest memories are of pretending to write. I would find a magazine that mom and dad were finished with and I would cover the page with gibberish. I filled in the spaces between paragraphs and around words; all of the white space would be filled with my scribbles. I felt very important and wise, writing down “words” before I even knew what they were. I saw my parents writing grocery lists, journal entries, expense reports, client summaries, letters and Christmas cards and I was determined to do the same, even though I had no clear idea what they were doing. I just knew I HAD TO WRITE. My hand had a life of its own. It still does.

Once I learned to write I never stopped. I wrote stories and poems. I wrote in my diary about the wonder and pain and sharp edges of being a girl. My notebooks were my best friends because they always listened and never judged. They have been with me for every decision, every celebration, every obstacle, every miracle, every sadness and every triumph. They remain my best friends, still listening without judgement. I still write stories and poems and my notebooks are still my safe place, my world, my greenhouse, my lab, for ideas, plans and schemes. My journal is freedom, the one thing that endures.

Everyone needs a safe place to meet themselves. And through Jamie Ridler’s initiative, Give a Girl a Journal, we can Nominate a Girl to receive a journaling package. Or for $20 USD we can Sponsor a Journal for a nominated girl.

And it’s not just girls who need this; you might remember the post I made about the young man who lives beside me who is facing life with an inoperable brain tumour. I gave him a journal because it was the best gift I could give him. Young people in our community need tools to get through the process of becoming who they are. We know the power of our journals and we should share it. Join Jamie Ridler’s campaign and give a girl a journal so she always has a best friend to hug tight to her chest, and hear her inner voice.