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Wow. I just watched The Pen and Inkwell’s review of a William Hannah notebook – what beautiful notebooks! I quickly went to the website, subscribed to the newsletter and had a look round. The notebooks are a tiny bit expensive – £95 – but they are stunning. You can choose from a multitude of colours, and paper, and you can even choose the colour of the ink on the paper! And the paper is held in place with discs, much like the ARC notebooks. Beautiful!

I think I may be very late to the party here, but I’ve just discovered Writing Instruments Daily, a “daily publication dedicated to Pens, Paper, Ink and related paraphernalia” published by the Edison Pen Company. What a gem! Today’s issue features, among other great posts, articles about handwriting shared by Goulet Pens and a review of the Miguelrius Boarding Notebook by Notebook Stories. I have subscribed. Have you?

And finally Jack Seliger wrote a very funny and touching post on why he prefers notebooks to anything electronic in this post from 2013 on his site, The Story’s Story. A notebook has never interrupted him with an ad, shown him nude photos, or accidentally deleted anything (except for the occasional plunge in the bath). And the linked article, Sweet Decay, is great too. I especially liked the argument that notebooks don’t waste your time, and that a surviving notebook is a sexy notebook.

Have a great week everyone. Remember to journal. 🙂