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Everyone hits the MSN.com homepage sooner or later. It has articles on every conceivable topic, some helpful and some not. I found a surprise in this article, 9 Things Science Says Your Home Needs If You Want To Be Happy: #5 is a journal! So what we do is one secret to a happy home! We all knew that, didn’t we?

“…the very nature of letters invites a particular closeness.” So says Jenny Reich in her post Why I Won’t Declutter My Treasure Trove of Handwritten Letters for thestar.com. I loved this article, and not just because I’m trying to write about 20 letters this week. I love going through old letters, especially those penned by those no longer with us. Re-reading them is, indeed, listening to a long-ago conversation, at times bittersweet but always heart-warming. Great read.

And something from Endpaper, the Paperblanks blog: 5 Quick Ways to Warm Up Your Mind Before Writing. I like the idea of stretching before writing, just like with exercise. And the images are great – I printed them out for my journal. Enjoy!