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I found this article on purpleclover.com really fascinating: 20 Exotic Words That Don’t Exist in English. I think “gokotta” and “komorebi” are beautiful.

An argument for solitude and a definition of inspiration: check out this post on brainpickings.org by Maria Popova about Agnes Martin’s approach to her art and the nature of creativity. Inspiration will strike when the mind is untroubled and often takes us by surprise. And she advises to keep your friends out of your studio, unless they are friends of your art. Interesting woman who was unfamiliar to me before this excellent article.

I wrote about the Give a Girl a Journal initiative in this post, and I wanted to share one of the videos Jamie Ridler has posted in support of the campaign. I have watched them all and really enjoyed this one by Tracie Hanson. Love the journals that she shows. And check out her website: http://dreamdiggerstudio.com/