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I was browsing Amazon, as I often do, looking at pens. I came across the Parker Urban in the metallic brown finish, and it was $65, which is the average price for an Urban. But then I noticed a box at the bottom right, under the Wish List box, that said Compare Offers on Amazon. There was another box that said Warehouse Deals and it said Want to buy this pen for $30? See our Warehouse Deal. So I clicked on it and sure enough there was one available, but it was “used”. I googled “Amazon Warehouse Deals” and it said these deals were a part of Amazon that “specializes in offering great deals on returned, warehouse-damaged, used or refurbished products that are in good condition but do not meet Amazon’s rigorous standards as new.”

I had never seen this before so I did some more research. Generally people have had good experiences with these deals so I ordered it. It arrived just as quickly as any other Amazon order, and the pen box was only slightly torn at the corner. The pen itself looked to be in perfect condition. I inked it up and it wrote beautifully. 🙂

ilwj capped

I love Parker Urbans. This is my third; in this post I talk about the blue one my dad bought me, and in this post I talk about the Urban gift set I bought from Amazon. I had to have this brown metallic one, because of the great price, but also because the finish reminds me of chocolate ice cream. Also the lines on the barrel give it a science fiction kind of feel, for me, for some reason.

ilwj uncapped

Here it is uncapped.

ilwj nib

Absolutely nothing wrong with the nib. And it writes beautifully.

ilwj writing sample

Here’s a writing sample on Rhodia paper. Black was the only choice of ink, given the black clip, rings and section. A black nib would have been amazing.

inwj three urbans

And here are the three Urbans together.

So that’s my happy experience with Amazon Warehouse Deals. Anyone else have experience with this service? Let me know in the comments.

Happy journaling everyone.