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In July of 2014 I wrote this post on Bullet Journaling, and it has taken me this long to find a suitable journal to try it out with. I’m loving my Hobonichi Techo as my current planner, and it occurred to me that before I move to a Bullet Journal I would like to have the same paper. So I checked Nanami Paper’s website on the off chance they had an A5 journal like the Writer or the Standard. And there it was: the Crossfield.

three journals

These Seven Seas journals are magnificent, as I’ve said before. The Tomoe River paper is fantastic. They are not always available because of their popularity. And the folks at Nanami want to make sure that each journal is perfect so they examine a few at a time and then release them onto the site. As the instructions say, if one of these journals appears to be out of stock, keep checking. That’s what I did, over a period of about a week, every day, sometimes more than once a day. And I got one. They also get regular shipments in so if they are truly out of stock it will only be for a few months, usually. And they are well worth the wait.

So I ordered the Crossfield and it arrived in about a week. Each Seven Seas journal comes in a paper slipcover as shown above. The Standard (blank paper) is bound in brown, the Writer (lined paper) is bound in black, and the Crossfield is bound in a rusty-red colour. And each Seven Seas journal comes with a package of pink blotting paper to help with the ink remaining wet longer than you might expect on the Tomoe River paper.

side by side

The paper is actually not grid, but tiny crosses that form the corners of each square. It’s like the dot grid paper you see by Rhodia, but instead of dots we see tiny crosses.

super close up

Here’s a closeup of the paper. See, it’s a field of crosses!

inside crossfield

From a distance it actually looks like dots. I really like the blue colour of the crosses. I did not do a pen test because I did one for the Writer in this post.

writer progress

I don’t know when I will start my Bullet Journaling. Maybe when my Hobo is done (end of this year) I will start 2017 with a Bullet Journal. I just don’t know if I can wait that long – the Crossfield is very enticing.

Above you can see my progress in the Writer – these journals are great value because it takes a while to get through 480 pages. I recommend these journals and Nanami Paper in general. Great customer service and excellent products. Don’t be discouraged by the appearing to be out of stock-ishness! Just keep checking. 🙂