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You know the site brainpickings.org? If you get a really great article you can spend hours reading it and then all the jumping-off points. Dani Shapiro on the Pleasures and Perils of Writing and the Creative Life is one such article. Great thoughts on why we write, why we have to write, the need for endurability (such a great word!) and the immediacy of the writing life. So many quotes to copy into my journal! And I just put the book on hold at my local library.

This article from chicagotribune.com is fun: From $1,500 pens to Bic, Chicago executives reveal their favorites. It’s very interesting that the head of Friedman Properties uses fountain pens and a notebook, and that the Blackhawks Chairman is a fan of Montblanc. But the best part of this article is the video visit to Century Pens in Chicago. 75 Cross Peerless rollerballs to one accounting firm? Sweet!

And for those of you with just a smidge of ink left in a bottle or sample, why not decorate your journal pages with a spritz or two? In this post Inkophile shows us what to do with those last few drops of ink. Beautiful canvas for your words.