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Hello everyone. Two weeks have gone by again with no post from me. My work is taking up so much more of my time than before the big move. And last week was an emotional rollercoaster; we found a home we loved, put an offer on it, negotiated back and forth and ultimately walked away from it. We are bruised but determined to continue the search. We were out again today looking at property and I was hopeful I could find a quiet hour or two to write this. And here I am.

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows I like to change planners. I don’t think I’ve been able to complete a full calendar year in one planner ever. And I’ve had to change mine out again as my life gets increasingly more complicated and I have more things to keep track of.

In December of last year I moved into my Hobonichi. I loved it and I still love it. The paper is amazing and it’s a great size and weight for my bag. But I found myself putting in loads of post-its and running out of room for my lists. My life has been one never-ending list since April. I think as soon as I landed in Halifax I found myself thinking about my A5 Finsbury to help organize my hectic life.

Then came the hunt for inserts. It’s the middle of the year so I thought undated would be my only option. I went to ebay and found some great undated inserts. But ebay is not instant and I am an impatient girl. I remembered the vast sea of free inserts available on Philofaxy and headed over there. And found exactly what I was looking for.

Philofaxy is a website devoted to all things Filofax. It is a terrific resource if you are trying to determine what kind of Filofax is right for you, or to buy/sell your Filofaxes, or to find a meetup in your area, or to find inserts. Steve and Ray have made inserts available to the community which is great, and you can customize them to your own needs. Over the years and many different planners I know that I need a month on two pages as well as a weekly view. I can function without a daily page as long as I have a lot of space to write lists. So under the A5 2016 inserts I downloaded the Month on Two Pages with Notes, as well as the Week on Two Pages Enhanced TM (5 line version). It took a few tries to print them out correctly but that is down to me and not to the excellent instructions that accompany the inserts.

Actually I should back up a bit. Before I printed them I added dates I wanted to remember on the monthly pages (like birthdays and anniversaries) and a detailed to-do list on the first week I printed. That’s the great thing about printing your own inserts; you can add the stuff you want to see before you hit print. And you can’t beat the price!

week with pen

Here’s a picture of the week on two pages. I kept the pictures for this post deliberately fuzzy because it is my life and it is personal. View them on Philofaxy for better detail. The paper I used to print them is standard copier paper but takes fountain pen ink well, as well as gel ink. So I can use a variety of pens.

month on two pages

Here is the month on two pages.

week on left

I have said before that this layout works really well for me. I like being able to see my week at a glance.

tasks on right

This is a definite improvement on just a lined page. Although some weeks I just start my task list on Monday and keep going.

I’ve been using this system for June and July and I feel much more on top of things. We’ll see how long it lasts. I’m hoping it will last until the end of the year at least. To be honest the size and weight are not ideal. It’s always a struggle between lots of space to write and an ungainly size and weight. Wish me luck. 🙂