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This weekend we moved into our new, permanent home. And our things have been delivered from their storage. So many boxes! I have a small mountain of them in my new office. I am beyond excited to unpack and say hello to notebooks, inks, books and desk friends that I haven’t seen since April. It seems like a lifetime ago that I packed up my office in Calgary. And in some ways it is.

Moving to Halifax has been amazing and terrible at the same time. Any of you who have made a great move, or indeed pulled off any great change, will know what I mean. We are so happy here and know deep within that this is where we need to be, spiritually, physically and mentally. But the process of “getting back to normal” has been a minefield of emotion. My job has been wonderful but frustrating in that it demands so much of my time; there is so much that needs to be done the only solution I can find is to work lots of evenings and weekends. The process of buying and furnishing a home has been daunting and time consuming. All of that takes away from “me” time, where I find myself unable to keep up with my previous schedule on this blog. I lose time for journaling and reading too, which makes me sad and fractious. To add to this my back conditions (scoliosis and sciatica) have been acting up ALOT of late. I am without my usual network of chiropractors and massage therapists but I’m slowly building a new team. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, family and friends who have helped enormously on this journey. You know who you are and I sincerely thank you.

The great lesson of this move and my life for the last few months has been to be grateful for the wonder. I am aware of the magical more than ever before. Positive forces are at work in my life that I acknowledge and honour. This next chapter will be the best yet. And I intend to share as much as possible here, with you.

So end my musings for another Sunday. I am sorry for my absence and I am working on that. I hope to resume normal operations on this blog before the end of this month. I’ve said that before but I feel better able to accomplish it now, with my old familiars jumping out of every box I open.